COMMUNITY – Obligations of owners: Questions and answers (I)  

In this article we consider issues frequently of concern to new owners of a property in a building or complex subject to Horizontal Property rules and about which misunderstandings often cause problems with their new neighbours. Continue reading “COMMUNITY – Obligations of owners: Questions and answers (I)  “


2639730d-e4b6-4a40-81ab-4a5b3970d7fbIt might seem obvious, but the first thing to be aware of is that rentals in Spain are legislated differently to the way they are regulated in other countries. Never assume that the way you rent your property and the contracts that you use in your country are valid in Spain. Continue reading “GUIDE TO RENTING PROPERTY IN SPAIN”


cute 3d guy is in conflict ("Happyman" series)Quite often we get enquiries from someone who has bought a second home in Spain with their partner, friends or family, and who for various reasons cannot or does not want to continue with their co-ownership.

Spain’s legal system offers a judicial solution for those cases where one of the co-owners refuses to sell given that no-one is obliged to continue in joint ownership: the wish of one co-owner to sell obliges the fellow owners to sell as well.
Here we look at two solutions to this problem. Continue reading “DISSOLUTION OF JOINT OWNERSHIP”