SPANISH LAWYERLast March 15, the state of alarm entered into force in Spain for a period of 15 days, this exceptional situation would therefore by the end on March 29 next. The extension of the state of alarm has been communicated by the Spanih Government. We now know that the exceptional measures decreed by the Government are going to be extended for another 15 days, therefore the period of confinement throughout the national territory, extends at least until April 12. Doubts arise about how to act in such exceptional circumstances. Many non-resident foreign owners and investors in Spain are now wondering how to protect their investments, properties and businesses in Spain. What are the most effective measures to control and protect your assets, interests and ongoing business from abroad.

In the next articles I will deal with all these unforeseen situations and how to act in each case.

Above all, transmit a message of calm and serenity. Making important decisions on the rush have never been good idea, an much less in a situation of panic.

Although you can not travel to our country, Spain is a modern country and has excellent professionals who are willing to help you in all your efforts. We also have a public administration that has been adapting to offline management for years.

Spanish Lawyers are no exception and we are very aware of our role in defending the rights, properties and interests of all our clients. Our law firm is currently working online with all the means and technology at our disposal to maintain and even improve our legal services.

This challenge requires an energetic, effective and serene response. With the effective use of new technologies, we may toghether face the different scenarios that are presented to us day by day basis. Communication is the key, now more than ever.

it is now of utmost importance to maintain contact and communications with your lawyer so we may be able to assit you, respond to queries, control and  follow-up on your judicial, administrative and property matters .

In relation to judicial matters, The Spanish LexNET computer system was implemented in Spain on January 1, 2016 and allows Spanish lawyers to present official writs and documents, transfer copies and carry out acts of judicial communication between lawyers and courts. All these work and legal services can still be made online. Even before this situation was decreed, its use was compulsory, both for lawyers courthouses throughout all the national territory.

In this line and as an example, both the Tax office and the Spanish Social Security, among other public entities, allow the management and non-face-to-face procedures (online) for both individuals and professionals.

For all these reasons, the first message that we want to transmit to all our clients and collaborators is a message of calm and trust .

From the office we encourage you to communicate with your lawyer, to ask and resolve all your doubts, to continue with your projects and ultimately to be able adapt us to the challenging times that are to come.

I hope the information that will be published soon in my blog is useful, should you have any questions or consultations, please do not hesitate to …

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Author: J. Escobedo

I am a member of the Tenerife Law Society since 1989 with a dedicated team for anyone who needs an immediate answer or long term solution to any practical or legal issues appertaining to any property or business investment in Spain. If you have decided to move to Spain to start a new life, whether that´s buying a property or a business, then you will definitely need the services of a good Spanish Lawyer who is fully conversant with Spanish protocol and who has a good command of the English language. I am based in the south of Tenerife and I am specialist in Property Law, Inheritance issues and taxes as well as Tenerife and Canarian law and a great deal more. ABOUT MY STAFF All my friendly and professional staff are fluent in English. We have been working for foreign clientes for over 30 years in Tenerife, providing legal advice and litigation services to all our clients investing throughout the whole of Spain and we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service to our clients in the form of clearer communication and advice.

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